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Illustration and Character Design

"There's just no accounting for taste..."

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"The Budding Artist"
Geoff Bevington, Age 7
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Knockneed Bee and Need Bee
from Barnabee The Curious Bee
by Robin Bell and Brenda Peters
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The Studio (The Basement)
Stuff about Geoff...

Travels worldwide with Cartoonists Across America promoting reading, recycling, peace and other positive issues using cartoons and humor.

Creator of "Cowvis - The Bovine King of Rock-n-Roll" Comics and T-shirts.

Illustrator and Co-Creator of "Barnabee the Curious Bee" with Robin Bell and Brenda Peters.

Illustrated Dave Rudolf's Children's Book "Please Don't Tease the Dragon" one of three finalists for the Benjamin Franklin award in humor.

Geoff performs live with Dave Rudolf, drawing cartoons and goofy stuff during Dave's kids concerts.

Painted a 106 foot mural (with Phil Yeh and Richard Dinges) on a 53-foot tractor trailer, in front of the Library of Congress promoting International Literacy Day, the nation's largest moving billboard for literacy.

Painted wacky, fun murals promoting reading, peace and fun in Borders Book Stores nationwide including: Border's in Houston, Texas and Border's in Deerfield, Illinois

Created multimedia backgrounds for the hit play, "A Tale of Two Kiddies"
appearing at the Second City Main Stage, Chicago

What the Critics are saying:

"There's just no accounting for taste..."

-Teresa Harrison (Geoff's Mom)

"...Dave gave them a phenomenal performance and
Geoff drew some wonderful illustrations to accompany him."

-Julie Lesch, Community Relations Coordinator, Barnes and Noble

Naperville, Illinois

"Dave Rudolf and Geoff Bevington are always welcome back to Barnes & Noble."
-Jennifer Randle, Barnes & Noble

Vernon Hills, Illinois

"...let Geoff know that his drawings were a big hit. Never before in my life have I seen kids clamor for a picture of a giant green booger. It's an image I won't soon forget."
-Garrett Auriemma, Border's Books and Music

Oak Brook, Illinois

"He doesn't call me enough..."

- Geoff's Mom (again)

All illustrations in this web site are copyright 1997,1998 by Geoff Bevington



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