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Where will Dave be appearing in concert next?
Dave's Kids Show is a whole lot of fun. On every song the kids and parents are either singing, on stage, making noises, or participating in the fun with Dave. Whether you see Dave as a solo act, with his musical henchmen Jamie Wirt and Tom Armellino or with Geoff Bevington's Crazy Cartoons - you'll be rolling in the aisles!

Dave's Big Kids (Adult) Show is wild and wacky. Just what is it you ask? Those of you who listen to Dr. Demento have probably heard some of Dave's crazy tunes such as: Mr. Potato Head Family, Winnebego Pioneers, Lyposuction Shack and many others.

To inquire about booking Dave for a show, fill out the following form
or call 708-481-5914 or email at daverudolf@daverudolf.com

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