Dave Rudolf is a long-time performer and a multi-award winning singer/songwriter who just released his 42nd  Album  …And being the busy little beaver that he is, he’s at work on his 43rd and 44th albums….He's a Gold Record, Grammy-nominated artist, 15-time nominee for Entertainer of the Year awards from  NACA (The National Association for Campus Activities), and has 42 albums many of which have won various awards.

In the last 6 years, he has 4 albums in the NPR Indiana and Illinois regional Top Ten. He is an award-winning children's author with 3 children's books, wrote for Disney, did a TV pilot for the All-New Captain Kangaroo several years back, wrote for Second City, had his songs on Movies, TV shows, Industrial films, and more, and lots more stuff we won't bore you with…Dave is currently touring in support of his new CD..

He's shared the stage with The Beach Boys, The Everly Brothers, The Mamma and Pappas, Steve Goodman, John Hartford, The Smother Brothers, Michael Smith, Megon McDonough, The Gatlin Brothers, Sha Na Na, and weirdly back in the day, Cheech and Chong to name a few…His latest CDs are getting national airplay on various radio stations throughout the country…He also has writing workshops and music Biz workshops should you be interested...

Dave Rudolf